Wild Humans Project

I started this project because I love art and design, and I noticed I would organically choose certain photos from an embodiment shoot and start playing with them, enhancing them with animals, tribal markings, and other design elements. It is such a fun way for me to alleviate my artistic itch and be of service to others. So, I decided to make it official:

"Wild Humans" is an on-going project that celebrates the potency in embracing and revealing the full range of our emotional capacity.

For me, "wild" means listening to, accepting, and expressing the natural movement of my emotions. "Wild" means staying true to myself when outside voices get louder, and setting the boundaries I need to protect my truth, even WITH myself! "Wild" means permission to toss societal norms aside and do what brings me joy and pleasure.

The process of "re-wilding" can seem and feel destructive at times, yet when I trust in the wild behind me, beside me, and within me, I grow and can then step more fully into my softness, too. "Wild Humans" aims to depict how much potential lies in accessing the true power within us, and to honor the aliveness we feel when we are in the presence of Wild.

This particular process allows the participant to choose an animal they love, use its energy to guide our shoot, embody it, come out with a greater sense of what’s possible in their lives, AND a beautiful product they can share, print, and hang up in their home.

The images from this project will eventually be hung in a gallery, and will act as a catalyst to start more conversations around what it takes to live and relate to each other in more empowered ways.


Which animal do you resonate with most?

Connecting with spirit animals can provide us with the soul medicine we need most, guide us on our path to personal power, and be a fun way to let out our wild.

What would it be like if you let yourself embody your animal? How differently would you show up in your life?

What if what you see in your animal is actually what you want to see in yourself?

Would you believe me if I told you it was already inside you?

What comes with a session?

You will get:

A call to get to know where you are & which animal you want.

Specific meditative questions about your life and aspects of your animal of choice

Wild time in nature and an hour shooting time

Full presence & support for experience and a call during integration

One decked out image


Want to help me spread this work?

I would love to be connected to anyone who has a strong platform and desire around embodiment, empowerment, and relationship. Would also love to be connected to gallery owners in NYC who would be interested in an exhibition with these images and concepts.

Or, you can donate!

Donations will go towards printing costs for a gallery exhibit, supporting the artist, and/or if you’re feeling extra generous, you can buy someone a session with me. This can go towards someone you know personally, or to someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to participate.


Embody your animal

You know you want to ;)