Every Transfire photo shoot is different and specifically catered to your needs. There are endless possibilities and I'm excited to explore them with you! Here's what some of my beauties have said about their sessions:



"In more than a decade of professional modeling, Heather Manwaring is one of the select few photographers to capture my unique essence in a photograph, and the experience was transformational.

She created a space where I felt free to let my walls down and just be myself.

Rather than feeling watched by the camera, I felt that Heather and I were in a beautiful dance and the camera just happened to be there. The results are stunning and are among my favorite photos to date. Thank you, Heather, for creating an experience with me where the beauty of ALL of me could shine through."


"I spent years avoiding doing this for feelings of unworthiness: “Am I pretty enough?”, “Am I fit enough?”, “Am I good enough at what I do that it will read through the photos?” “Will my beautiful, talented friends who model for a living approve?”

 So I sat in the shower today and asked my inner being to step forward and show me my power through these photos. I balled, and howled, and cried so many emotions, and let them wash themselves down my drain. For me now, this shoot isn’t about being the prettiest or sexiest.

This is about being fearless, stepping into my power, and letting my true, talented, deeply beautiful, passionate self shine through.

It’s an opportunity to see myself from a different perspective. This is more than just pics for me, this is an energetic release. From the outside it may look like we’re just doing fitness photos, but really truly we’re doing your actual work, Heather. You’re helping me to see myself come into my power. This is way deeper. I just wanted to thank you in advance for agreeing to help me on this journey, I can’t think of anyone else’s energy that I’d want with me during this experience."


"Working with Heather was so new to me. I had never done any sort of photoshoot before, never mind one that exposes me so entirely. I had expected to feel bare, shy, even a little silly. But Heather put me at my ease right away.

Her level of professionalism allowed me to feel comfortable, powerful, and beautiful.

We chatted and laughed throughout--it felt completely natural. I left feeling confident and grateful to Heather for allowing me to work with her.


"Last Friday was the third anniversary of what I shared with you. It was the anniversary of the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. The pictures I chose were a reflection of everything I experienced. These 10 pictures told my story, that’s why I chose them. 

It felt really empowering to be back in that same park 3 years later fully healed from the biggest heartbreak I ever experienced.

This was a really beautiful gift. Thank you, truly grateful."