I had a deep conversation with a part of myself I’d been ignoring, and I knew I needed to be in the mud. Living in the city, I didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I thought of Heather with a lightning flash, and suddenly it seemed much more possible.
That’s part of Heather’s magic: she holds space so powerfully that something you fearfully long for today, can be something you’ve lovingly done by the end of the day tomorrow.
We set out the next day, grounded and connected. And we got even more so. As I followed my intuition, connecting with the water, earth, and mud, I felt Heather’s supportive presence holding me and giving me all the space I needed. I experienced what I craved so deeply: union with the earth.
Now, having photos of the moments Heather preserved, I can see my state in every step. My contemplative start, the deep stillness of union, and the complete joy of effortless connection. I see a mud-faced smile I’ve never seen on myself before!

I see myself as I need to see myself: the way I am when I let myself have what I truly, deeply need. These photos are touchstones that remind me: I gave myself what I truly needed, and I will do it again.

This transformational photo shoot is The Flame package. Explore what's possible for you.