What is the M'F'n Point of Rage?!

There is a shitton of rage bubbling up to the surface these days. With Kavanaugh and Trump and attacks on vulnerable groups of humans among a million other things, there is a LOT to be angry and scared of right now.

Recent events have put in motion for me many, many questions for myself in regards to my work with Transfire Photography and my personal relationships, and why who I am and what I can offer is especially important in this day and (r)age. What I've come to, after much confusion, deliberation, and searching, is:

I help women who have been abused reclaim their power through anger.

This happens through a facilitated process of emotionally embodied expression that is supported by Mama Gaia herself and photographically captured by yours truly.

My wounds and experience with a perpetually angry father, sexual and emotional abuse, and my own explorations of internal rage within communities like Ecstatic Dance, Circling, and Authentic Relating, makes me the perfect person to bring a deeper and higher level of understanding and societal love towards rage.

What makes me adept at holding and giving space to rage is that I LOVE it. I love how my body tingles when I hear or unleash a good scream of release. I love the incredible shot of adrenaline through my veins when a woman thrashes about and realizes she has the power to take the reins and choose the way she wants to live.

Suppressed anger leaks out into places we don’t want it to show up—at work, with our kids, in our most intimate relationships. We as a society have labeled anger and rage as BAD because of the way it has been expressed BECAUSE it has been suppressed.

My epic desire for my lifetime is to do my part to end the war between the sexes and learn to create healthy, deeply sustainable relationships on all levels.

Having a safe space to unleash the fury and learn how to channel it into something useful and creative is so VALUABLE because then it becomes this amazing, welcomed thing instead of a big bad scary monster that no one wants to invite to the party. Now when anger shows up, we can be curious about it, ask it what it wants and needs, and shows us where we need to change and step up (with ourselves and others). THIS IS AN AMAZING THING THAT EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM.

A woman in touch with her fire is a positively dangerous, powerful, unstoppable, generous, loving, shiny woman, and WE NEED HER. WE NEED YOU.

And you know the greatest thing I’ve ever learned about anger? It’s that it hides and protects a beautiful, tender, soft, vulnerable little girl or boy that is really just scared. It’s easier to show fangs than it is to show the world where we hurt, what we fear, and how much we feel.

The angrier I am, the more I know that there’s something really precious I’m trying to protect. And for this I love my fire-breathing dragon. I love how fiercely she wants to keep me safe.

And because I love mine, I love yours. I want you to feel safe in your own bodies. I want you to feel powerful to say no (and yes) to both the big things and the small, day-to-day things with clarity and kindness. I want you to be able to clearly discern what you want to invite into your life and what you want to say goodbye to without shame or guilt.

I want you to have an epic love story with yourself and your life, and therefore with others.

It's possible.

Ready to take the plunge with me and do what it takes to reconnect with yourself and the earth at all costs? Let's talk about what we can create together. I have two spots open per week for customized sessions.

I love you.

Heather Manwaring