Dear Wild Woman

Dear Wild Woman,

For most of my life I have squashed you, ignored you, invalidated you, made you to feel unworthy, even been terrified of you. I have believed you to be completely unlovable, and that was a “truth” I wasn’t willing to risk in the past.

Eventually you started fighting back despite my best efforts to keep you locked down. You started standing up for yourself. You began whispering desires into my ear, and when I didn’t want to listen you screamed them so I could no longer ignore you. You told me of your rage, your sadness, your grief, your profound longing to be heard, seen, and loved. You started saying NO. You started inspiring me to say YES.

And here we are today. Today, because of you I live in New York, a place I never thought I could love. Because of you I am living my dream of doing photography full time in a way that fulfills me, serves a great need, and makes me face all of my fears and learn to fly. Because of you I found the love of my life, who continuously proves to me that ALL of you and me is welcome and deeply lovable, something I never thought possible. Because of you my life just keeps getting better and better, slowly (and yet quickly at the same time) and surely connecting me with more of my soul family.

I’m so deeply sorry for ignoring you and trying to keep your voice small and non-existent. I’m sorry for not seeing your beauty and inherent value for such a long time. I feel so sad for all the time we’ve wasted not being connected. I was simply afraid of the world knowing how tender and soft and vulnerable my heart really is.

And, I’m so damn grateful that you learned to fight for yourself and find your voice. I’m profoundly grateful for your constant push and pull for better, never letting me stay hidden in my comfortable little dark corner. Thank you for showing me how wrong I have been and proving to me that my rage and pain and joy--all of it--is beautiful. You are something ELSE!

I’m learning to lean into you even more and trust you even more fully. I want you to know that I love you and want more of you. I vow to listen to you more closely and honor where you are and where you want to go, even when it scares the shit out of me. I vow to do what it takes to unleash what you have to offer the world (even when I don’t feel ready). Here is to your beauty, your power, your heart, your fiery spirit, your freedom and the liberation of humanity. Deep bow to you, gorgeous Wild Goddess.

Show me what’s next.


What does your Wild Woman or Wild Man need to hear from you?

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She/He/They is waiting for you.