I hold space for and empower your transformation.

I come from a family of expressive communicators, and have seemed to frequently attract people wanting to share things with me that they don't normally share with others. I have always cared about three things very deeply: art, people, and personal growth, and it dawned on me that I could combine those things with photography.

When I discovered what I wanted to do, everything in my life changed. I moved across the country from a small mountain town to the jungle of New York, and was immediately thrown into the darkest parts of myself. I was inspired to capture it all and share my process with the world.


I slowly began to realize that what I can offer people is so much more than photography. My camera has become a tool for transformation, instead of the star of the show. I’ve fallen in love with my own process and the process of being with others to help them go deeper with themselves and shift their perspectives.

I have found that the more vulnerable and honest I am, the more support and love floods in and lifts me up, and this is a gift I want everyone to experience. I have dedicated my life to inspiring people to live in their full expression of humanness, and to be able to hold it all and help push them forward. What I offer others, I offer and live in myself, and I continue to learn and improve every day.

Being vulnerable with people about my humanness paves the way for them to do the same, and I'm continually realizing how powerful and life-changing that is.

Vulnerability is working in our favor.