Hi, my name is Heather. Take a walk with me.

I am a woman who is driven by her heart in all things, and I have always cared about three very deeply: art, relationships, and personal growth, It dawned on me, after a few rounds of plant medicine, that I could combine all of those things with photography.

I grew up in Southern California with two younger sisters, two incredible mothers, and a dad who has inspired my path in many ways. I set out to New York to build the life of my dreams, found my man, and have been visually documenting my process through all of the darkness, the joy, the power and emotionality of its construction.

Much of my depth of emotionality and power has been discovered within the container of my sacred relationship, and my partner has given me an incredible amount of space and safety to be and express myself fully. This is the gift I want to share with the rest of the world: space to express their vulnerable truth in beautiful, real&raw, connection-inspiring ways, so they can build healthier relationships with themselves and others.


I’ve fallen in love with my own process and capturing the process of being with others to help them go deeper within themselves, express whatever they need to express, and come out the other side with clearer vision and the power of choice. I have dedicated my life to supporting people live in the full expression of their divine humanity, and to be able to hold it all and help invite them forward into new ways of being and relating.

I want to live in the world where every human has the freedom to live a life of their own creation, the space to express their heart’s desires and pains, the tools to build sustainable relationships across the board, has the ability to live courageously connected, wild, and free.

Are you with me?

I am a wild, free, courageous woman.